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Kilimandjaro brings a new dimension to dining in Hartlepool. Previously owned by former Hartlepool United Striker Callum Hassan, this restaurant has been newly refurbished  in African Caribbean style, bringing the true tropical vibes to Hartlepool with the combined reggae & salsa music playing on site.

 This Hartlepool branch is now under new management by the franchisor and founder of Kilimandjaro. The Kilimandjaro cuisine is based on a fusion of African and Caribbean delights. Spices come from the heart of Africa and the isles of the Caribbean Coastlines.

Fine selections of ingredient commonly used throughout generations in Africa and the Caribbean have been prepared to create sensational deliverance of various spices dedicated to Kilimandjaro.

Kilimandjaro is already a very popular choice, making a brilliant addition to the already booming business of the Marina.

Teesside Inspired, African Made


Although known as a grill restaurant, predominantly chicken, Kilimandjaro also includes various twists on its menu including the famous Teesside Parmesan,  being served up with the signature Kilimandjaro Sauce and the house special ingredients. 


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