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Spirits of the Sea

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Town Hall Theatre


Standard - £4.50

Family (up to 5 people) - £15

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Book Online, Box Office 01429 890000, Tourist Information Centre, Church Square (open Tues - Fri 10am - 4.30pm, Sat 10am - 4pm)

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Spirits of the Sea

Theatre Hullabaloo presents

Spirits of the Sea


It is said that, in ancient times, people bundled their worries and nightmares into sacks and cast them into the sea. The sea felt burdened by people’s sorrows and soon the waves began to feel angry and grew into demons. Fearful of the sea, the people did not know how to appease the demons. Only one little girl can calm the sea and teach the children that it is better to let their worries play in the wind than sink beneath the waves, but will the village listen to a child?


Step inside a mystical mariner’s hut to hear this enchanting tale for audiences of 6 years and older and their families.


Duration 40 mins

The Venue

Town Hall Theatre

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